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Funding of Project Work in Australia

This 3-year partnership extends the European Master's Program in Computational Logic (EMCL) - run by FUB, TUD, TUW, UNL, UPM - by a cooperation with the National ICT Australia (NICTA), one of the worldwide leading international Centres of Excellence in Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

EMCL is based on the principle of teaching through research. The main objective of the proposed partnership is in strengthening this principle by teaming up with NICTA. NICTA comprises the University of New South Wales and the Australian National University and focusses - among others - on formal methods, knowledge representation and reasoning, logic and computation, machine learning and software engineering, all of which are main areas in the EMCL. Thus, NICTA supplements the EMCL and the European partner institutions running the EMCL in an ideal way.

The partner universities of the EMCL have a long-standing research collaboration with NICTA, the University of last decade. Hence, the second objective of this partnership is in extending this collaboration on the education level by agreeing on common modules and exchanging students thus increasing the attractivess of the EMCL program for EU-students as well as promoting EMCL in Australia.

Additionally, students are required to send to the CL-secretary a copy of the statement of account by fax or as email attachment as proof of payment. Please consider that postal cheques cannot be accepted.

The role of NICTA is to bring students close to the actual frontiers of research by making them participate in ongoing projects in Computational Logic. This way an initiation to research work (the so-called project in the curriculum of EMCL) is provided by NICTA. Every year 10 students and 3 scholars will visit NICTA up to 3 months. Their selection is based on research cooperation between the members of the EMCL consortium and NICTA.


15th July 2007 - 30th September 2010


Each year up to 10 EMCL students from EU countries may receive a grant amounting to 3,100 EUR for staying at NICTA up to 3 months. Please note that every student may receive this grant only once.

Scholarship holders receive a private health insurance covering the period of their stay in Australia. With this insurance you will have to pay the costs for a doctor in advance, but will be reimbursed that money.

Usually it is intended that during his stay at NICTA a student awarded by such a scholarship will work on e. g. his project work or Master thesis under joint supervision thus profiting from the scientific competence of the NICTA staff.

How To Apply



If you fulfill the prerequisites you may apply for the exchange by sending an e-mail to the following addresses:

Prof. Steffen Hölldobler:  
CC: Sylvia Wünsch:  

Please make sure that your application contains the following::


Deadline for application for 2009 (2010) is on 10th March 2009 (2010).

Contact persons

NICTA: Dr. habil. Peter Baumgartner
TUD: Prof. Dr. Steffen Hölldobler