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Change to the second hosting institution

Placement Procedure of Students for their Second Year

All EMCL-students must change the hosting institution after one year of study. The following procedure has been agreed upon:

  1. The Joint committee (JC) specifies for each partner university (PU) the number of free places.
  2. Each student applies to his/her local coordinator with his/her choice concerning the 2nd university. If the local coordinator supports the student's choice, then the student goes to step 3. If the local coordinator does not support the student's wish, then the student forwards his/her wish to the JC; at the same time, the local coordinator suggests a PU to which - from his point of view - the student should be sent and states the reasons for his/her suggestion; it is then up to the JC to decide.
  3. The student - with the support of his/her local coordinator - applies to the 2nd university. The university accepts applications based on the ranking mentioned below until all free places are given away. If the university rejects the application, then the student must go back to step 2.
  4. If a PU does not get at least 3 students, then it is free not to open the 2nd year and the allocated students must go back to step 2.


  1. lexicographically over AECTS (weighted and averaged ECTS marks)
  2. those who have the same AECTS-mark will be ordered according to the greater ordering over CRE (cr earned)
  3. the JC may override in extreme cases

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