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EMCL Registration Procedure

Students' service fees:

ALL students who have studied one year at TUD and changed to another PU must transfer the reduced students' service fees amount to TUD UNTIL 20 February / 10 August each semester. In addition they must complete the so-called "Beurlaubungsantrag" and send it along with the current correspondence address to the International Office.

Students who are currently studying at TUD must pay the full amount.

Tuition fees:

The tuition fees amounting to 1.500 EUR (for Non-EU-students) and 500 EUR (for EU-students) must be transferred until 30 March / 30 September each semester to TUD. This concerns all students WITHOUT EM-scholarship and all students who have studied longer than two years and will not finish UNTIL 15 April / 15 October. Students are required to send to the CL-secretary a copy of the statement of account by fax or as email attachment as proof of payment. Please consider that postal cheques cannot be accepted.


The relevant service fees amounts and the bank data will be announced by email on time.