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National award for AI graduation projects in Portugal 15 February 2008

Han The Anh
Han The Anh
Celebrating 50 years of Artificial Intelligence, the Portuguese Association for Artificial Intelligence - APPIA - created in 2006 the National Award for Artificial Intelligence graduation projects - TleIA - having the purpose of distinguishing projects of merit carried out in 3 to 5 year long undergraduate courses. Submissions are made under strict anonymity, and evaluated by a national jury of PhDs connected with APPIA.

The 2008 prize was won ex-aequo by:

"Evolution Prospection"
Han The Anh
Universidade Nova de Lisboa


"Virtual Assisted Living Environment"
Davide Carneiro
Universidade do Minho

Han The Anh is a Vietnamese student following the "European Master in Computational Logic" of DI/FCT/UNL, and a member of CENTRIA, who submitted to TLeIA the work "Evolution Prospection", the report of a 24 ECTS project supervised by Professor Luís Moniz Pereira, who gave it the top mark 20/20 in August 2008. Han The Anh is his second student winning this prize, his first having been Gonçalo Lopes, in 2006.

The present project was subsequently the source of the forthcoming publication:

L. M. Pereira and Han The Anh, Evolution Prospection, in: K. Nakamatsu (ed.), Procs. First KES Intl. Symposium on Intelligent Decision Technologies (KES-IDT'09), Springer Verlag book in the Engineering Series, Himeji, Japan, April 2009.

Han The Anh, whom we heartily congratulate, can be contacted at concerning further information on his project work, CV, and other publications.