Steffen Hölldobler
Steffen Hölldobler 2007
Prof. Steffen Hölldobler


P1:   PLANT - Parallel Deductive Plan Generation (Coordinator), European Union: 1989-1999.

P2:   MPS - Massiv Paralleles Schliessen (Principal Investigator), DFG Schwerpunktprogramm Deduktion, EUR 300.000: 1992-1997.

P3:   LOKAS - Situationen, Aktionen und Kausalität in der Logik (Principal Investigator), DFG, EUR 110.000, 1996-1999.

P4:   Specification of Discrete Processes and Systems of Processes by Operational Models and Logics (Investigator), DFG Graduiertenkolleg: since 1996.

P5:   International Masters Programme in Computational Logic (Principal Investigator), DAAD, EUR 850.000: 1997-2002.

P6:   International Quality Network on Rational Mobile Agents (Principal Investigator), DAAD, EUR 900.000: 2001-2003.

P7:   ISEC - Intelligent Systems in E-Commerce (Principal Investigator), hybris GmbH, EUR 250.000: 2001-2003.

P8:   Integration of Planning and Learning in Real Robot Tasks (Principal Investigator), DAAD PPP-ARC, University of Birmingham (UK), EUR 6.465: 2002-2004.

P9:   CoLogNet - European Network of Excellence in Computational Logic (Investigator), European Union, EUR 188.714: 2002-2005.

P10:   Structures and Deductions (Principal Investigator), DAAD PROCOPE TU Dresden - INRIA Nancy (F), EUR 7.442: 2003-2005.

P11:   1st ICCL Summer School and Workshop on Proof Theory, Computation and Complexity (Principal Investigator), DAAD, EUR 25.000: 2003.

P12:   Double Degree Program in Computational Logic TU Dresden - Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Principal Investigator), DAAD, EUR 35.000, 2003-2005.

P13:   2nd ICCL Summer School 2004: Proof Theory and Automated Theorem Proving (Principal Investigator), DAAD, EUR 25.000: 2004.

P14:   Computational Logic as a Foundation for Computer Science and Intelligent Systems (Principal Investigator), EU ASIA LINK, EUR 300.000, 2004-2007.

P15:   European Master's Program in Computational Logic (Principal Investigator), EU ERASMUS MUNDUS, EUR 7.170.800: since 2004.

P16:   3rd ICCL Summer School 2005: Logic Based Knowledge Representation (Principal Investigator), DAAD, EUR 25.000: 2005.

P17:   4th ICCL Summer School 2006: Knowledge Structures (Principal Investigator), DAAD, EUR 25.000: 2006.

P18:   Analyticity and Proof Search for Modal Logics in Deep Inference (Principal Investigator), DAAD PPP-ARC, University of Bath, EUR 5.694: 2006 - 2008.

P17:   5th ICCL Summer School 2008: Computational Logic and Cognitive Science (Principal Investigator), DAAD, EUR 25.000: 2008.

P17:   4th South East Asian Summer School on Computational Logic 2008: University of Indonesia at Jakarta (Principal Investigator), DAAD, EUR 25.000: 2008.

P18:   EM II Projekt im Bereich der europäischen Doktorandenausbildung (Principal Investigator), DAAD, EUR 24.003: 2008.

P19:   5th South East Asian Summer School on Computational Logic 2010: Islamic University of Indonesia at Yogyakarta (Principal Investigator), DAAD, EUR 25.000: 2010.

P20:   European PhD Program in Computational Logic (EPCL), DAAD IPID, EUR 319.652: 2010-2014.

P21:   6th ICCL Summer School 2010: Cognitive Science, Computational Logic and Connectionism (Principal Investigator), DAAD, EUR 25.000: 2010.

P22:   6th South East Asian Summer School on Computational Logic 2012: University of Udayana, Bali (Principal Investigator), DAAD, EUR 25.000: 2012.

P23:   7th ICCL Summer School 2013: Semantic Web-Ontology Languages and their Use (Principal Investigator), DAAD, EUR 25.000: 2013.

P24:   7th South East Asian Summer School on Computational Logic 2014: Hue University of Education, Hue, Vietnam (Principal Investigator), DAAD, EUR 25.000: 2014.

P25:   PSAT -- Parallel Satisfiability Testing (Principal Investigator), DFG, EUR 341.900: since 2015.

P26:   8th ICCL Summer School 2014: Reasoning (Principal Investigator), DAAD, EUR 25.000: 2015.

Total amount of third-party funding received as principal investigator so far:   EUR  11.390.870 (Dec 12, 2014).